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“Psychological Support Provided for women in Displaced Persons Camp”

GCMHP mental health specialist, Ms Rawya Hamam, has provided group consultations for 30 women in the Al-Ama Displaced persons Camp1.

The women had a safe space where they could externalize their painful feelings and the psychological problems they are facing as a result of the extreme harsh conditions in displacement and the state of insecurity they and their families live.

On top of their needs, the women said, their return to their homes, even if they were heaps of rubble.

The women were also provided with some relaxation exercises to help they release their stress, but also boost their ability to manage their feelings of fear, anger and stress. 

On the same day, individual consultations were also provided for a few women. Besides, it was agreed with male and female beneficiaries to conduct a series of group and individual consultations, based on their demand.