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“Call for abstracts for the Eighth International Conference”

Call for Papers

GCMHP’s 8th International Conference


Mental Health in Gaza Strip: An Area Populated by Refugees

(Online Conference)



7-8-9 June 2021


Palestine – Gaza Strip




  1. Introduction:

The 8th International Conference entitled "Mental Health in the Gaza Strip as an Area Populated by Refugees", aims to share and present the most important findings of research products and scientific papers in the field of mental health. The conference also aims to create a cross-border dialogue that gives space to exchange experiences and the latest research and scientific developments in the field of mental health in Palestine and the Gaza Strip in particular. Hence, GCMHP announces the start of receiving abstracts of research papers within the conditions mentioned in this announcement and in line with the themes covered by the conference as shown below.


  1. Background


GCMHP has a long-standing and a leading role in addressing mental health and human rights issues that affect the wellbeing of the Palestinian community. This leading role was strengthened through implementing model procedures, protocols and research to support improved delivery of evidence-based mental health services guided by the principles of justice and human rights.

Since its establishment, GCMHP organized seven international conferences, the latest of which was the one held under the title “Mental Health Without Borders” on the second and third of November, 2019.  In this conference different community issues including psychological resilience, impact of psychological trauma and human rights violations on the mental health of the Palestinian community and the role of international solidarity and the role of scientific research were addressed, in addition to the needs of mental health service providers. The conference was attended by about 646 local and international participants from mental health and psychosocial background.

The 8th international conference comes as a response to the local demand to know more about the psychosocial consequences of the hardships among refugees in the last two years. In addition to exchange knowledge and experiences between local and international academics, mental health professionals, decision makers, intellectuals and researchers.

The outputs of this conference will contribute to forming a roadmap for active organizations working in the field of mental health and psychosocial support in the Gaza Strip. GCMHP plans to hold this conference as an interactive online event, benefiting significantly from not being restricted to a single place or location, as these gatherings take place through the use of the internet. Anyone who wishes to attend the event can join from anywhere around the world so long as they have an online device and internet connection. The conference is to be held over 3 days from the seventh to the ninth of June 2021.


  1. Target groups:

The target groups include local and international experts, mental health and human rights professionals and activists; researchers and academics; as well as service providers and any other stakeholders.



  1. Conference Themes:

The conference is seeking paper’s submission related to the following three main themes:

·        First: Socioeconomic conditions in the Gaza strip.

o   The impact of the blockade and human rights violations on the social and economic situation.

o   The impact of Covid-19 on the social matrix, economic situation and the educational process.

o   Social stigma with reference to mental health during Covid-19

·        Second: Mental health conditions of the population in the Gaza strip

o   Mental health for psychosocial workers and service providers.

o   Mental health for women.

o   Mental health for the vulnerable groups (the elderly, children and people with disabilities)

·        Third: MHPSS services/interventions available in the Gaza Strip; gaps to be bridged.

o   Psychosocial interventions in the Palestinian context.

o   Challenges faced by organizations in providing services.

o   The role of mental health therapy and supportive supervision in improving services. 

o   The role of scientific research and local and international organizations in developing psychosocial interventions and bridging the gap.


On the margins of the conference – Special session

A special session is held to provide a space for non-specialized organizations to share their experiences in providing interventions. Special experiences are to be presented too in this session. 


Abstract submission guidelines:

  • The due date for submitting the abstracts is April 20, 2021.
  • The abstract should be preceded by the paper title in English, should be written in Times New Roman characters, size 12, single-line spacing, and shall not exceed 200 words.
  • The abstract should include: (the aim, methodology, results and conclusion).
  • The presenter’s name should BE WRITTEN with bold characters.
  • Abstracts should be submitted by email to the following address:
  • Note: submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. If abstract is accepted, author agrees to send full text paper, including related call for paper, results, tables, figures and references.