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“GCMHP AND PCHR Organize Reception for Grassroots International Delegation”


Gaza Mental Health Program and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights organized on Thursday,  August 10, 2023 a reception for an American delegation representing the organization of Grassroots International.

The reception, arranged at the headquarters of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, was attended by a group of representatives of civil organizations in the Gaza Strip.

The ceremony was opened with a speech by Mr Raji Sourani, Director General of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, who  welcomed the visiting delegation and thanked them for their continued support for the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip.

Mr Sourani also reiterated the importance of building bridges between the world and Palestine to promote the quest for justice and liberation.

Then Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General, gave a speech in which he highlighted the historical relationship between GCMHP and the Grassroots International, as well as the importance of their continued support at the Local and international levels.

 The keynote speeches was concluded by a brief word  delivered by Mr Ayman Najm, Program Officer at Grassroots International, in which expressed his organization’s solidarity and support for human rights in Palestine and the whole world.

Expressing their appreciation for the efforts made by GCMHP and the partner organizations, the members of the delegation took the floor to talk about their experience through the years they worked with GCMHP and how their mutual interest in championing human rights and mental health have made difference in supporting the wellbeing of many people in Gaza and alleviating their suffering.